Astrid Dahl Studio

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Corporate Workshop Testimonials

  • “…It created a wonderful chance to our fellow colleagues to interact in a completely different way rather than daily working environment”

- Team building  workshop - Nellie Duong,  Assist. Manager,  Singapore Management University


"Our team totally enjoyed ourselves and even got to discover our long lost forgotten bit of creative genes ! Our team efforts now hangs proudly in the middle of the office as it livens up the decor in our rooms and bring us smiles each time we remember the fun we had at your studio.  Thanks for the lovely memories and bringing our team together  

Teambuilding workshop - Choo Wing Chong , Buyer, Nestle Singapore Pte. Ltd.


"Usually I dislike creative activities like painting cause I kind of  suck at it! but hey, I actually quite enjoy myself today!

                                                       Teambuilding workshop - Jacobs , Team leader, Nestle Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Art Workshop and Classes Testimonials

" Painting with Astrid is an antidote to stress !  She showed me how to go to "that other zone" and at the same time creating works that i can hang up in my house. My family are so proud of what I have done. "

                                                                                                                                        Rebecca Lim (Student)

"I never thought i could paint until I came to your classes!  And now its all I can think about! "

                                                                                                                                                    Franzi (student)

"Astrid reminds me of my style and my special perspective on our projects.  Astrid is there to guide you, to be the mentor and help inspire you, to help you "get outside yourself" (or inside yourself)!  Astrid and her classes have been the best possible thing I could have ever done here in Singapore.  It is a release, it is an escape, and it is a brilliant therapy."

                                                                                                                                       Cheryl Roberts (Student)