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Astrid's work is filled with poetry, myth, and perspective dualities. She  explores different ways of  interpreting her life through landscape

Astrid started her art career in Australia after migrating from Thailand and Singapore at the age of ten. She inherited a part Asian background from her half Thai mother. Her work reflects the many cultures that she has been exposed to during a life time of travel.


"I don't paint what I see, I paint what I remember and what I feel about that memory" A.Dahl


Paintings available for private and corporate spaces.

Large selection of Landscapes, Abstracts and Goddess paintings. Some paintings have luscious gold and silver as an additive. Extra large sizes are ideal for larger homes or office areas. 

Commissions, events, workshops, team bonding, Bali art retreats and private parties are available on request after full consultation.

 Astrid has hosted and facilitated events in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.


JUST CAME BACK FROM AN EXHIBITION IN SHANGHAI at ADA Gallery and had a great time meeting new friends and reacquainting myself with old friends. Shanghai is a bustling city with many opportunities and I can see myself going back real soon.

Also represented at Jahroc Gallery - Margaret River WA